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Meet Caramel and Veronica

Veronica and Carmel are two lovely mares from the Fall City rescue. They are both appear young (under 4 years old) and do not look to be in foal. They are still very skittish with people but have come a long way since their rescue. They are both around 14.1-14.2H....

Photo Gallery: Halter Starting

Joel Conner spent a day at SAFE recently to help Terry and her volunteer horsemen work with five of the wild Fall City 40 horses. These horses are not accustomed to being handled by humans, but we’re working hard to change their minds about us. It’s a...

136 Update

Update 7/19: Hook-shaped scar on left lip (previous bit injury?), and chip on right hind foot. Gaining confidence and will come for treats and allow you to pet her. Refined head.