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Houlihan is doing very well with his foster and learning how to be a good citizen. His personality is coming out and he is a funny guy! Described as a “big goof,” he loves to find things to play with and enjoys visits, scratches and playing in turnout!

At this point he is about 80% halter started. He still doesn’t love the halter going near his ears but with a bit more work this will be gone. He is figuring out that grooming is a nice thing and his foster has started working on picking up hooves.


There is still work to be done but this guy is VERY ready to be adopted. He shouldn’t be as overwhelming as a “wild” horse but now simply a young gelding ready to start his training and preparation to be a riding horse. Seriously he is a NICE horse and a good find! If you have the skills to start this guy–get your application in! He is worth the time and does not need to be in the Mayday program anymore!