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Little Man

sex: stallion
color: bay
markings: none

Little Man has been placed!

Little Man is one of 24 wild Yakima horses seized in December 2019 by King County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with Regional Animal Services of King County and SAFE. Since then, Little Man came around to this whole human thing–but only in exchange for scratches–thanks to his loving foster family. In May 2020, he was adopted. 

Little Man enjoys a good scratch

Here’s an update on Little Man (and some very satisfying scratch videos) from his foster family:

Little Man is doing great. He has recently learned about scratches and is each day letting me have my hands over him in new spots. He is starting to ask to be scratched and really loves it under his mane. Since this is a new skill, he’s been really willing to try new things.

Just watch those lips twitch!



Little Man Update

Here’s an update on horse 117, Little Man, who is being gentled by his foster/trainer:

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Little Man has come a long way since his arrival to our barn. Upon arrival he was understandably scared,timid and full of flight/survival instinct. Even an accidental touch of my hand when taking a treat was too much for him.

As of today, he’s walking up to me and a few occasional strangers to take treats. If I ignore him, he’ll cautiously check my pockets for treats. We are working on his sensitivity to any and all pressure. He has learn to walk towards or stand still when nervous get a treats. He loves when you ask him if he wants a cookie. He processes everything and loves to yawn and make funny faces. Each day you can see him trying very hard to please.. he enjoys listening to us talk to him or around him. He truly doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and is getting very close to accepting to halter. He knows his name “Little Man” and loves to be told he’s a good boy.

I’ve introduced the ball to him as a way to have something safely in his blind spots. Here he is processing after he scared himself when he moved the ball.