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sex: gelding
age: 22
breed: Thoroughbred
color: bay
markings: star
height: 15.3hh
location: Redmond, WA

This thoroughbred gelding may have a sway back, but he is no less dapper because of it! This is a sweet guy who won’t hesitate to come over and say hello. His hobbies include playing ‘tag’ with his turnout buddy, and napping along the fence line beside his next door neighbor. Sparrow is living the good retired life!

Sparrow’s Racing Past

Sparrow has a lip tattoo that denotes his past as a racehorse. However it’s odd: the letter that denotes the year of birth is missing, which made identifying who he was born as a bit more challenging. But by playing a game of trial and error with letters, we were able to find a horse who matched his physical description and had all of the numbers of his tattoo. ‘Proud Texan,’ born in 2001 in Kentucky, was most likely the name Sparrow was given at birth. His total career earnings total a whopping $20,570. He raced in 2004 and 2005, with 6 starts (4 in 2005, 2 in 2004), two firsts (one each year), a second in 2004, and a third in 2005. His pedigree is listed below:

Getting to know Sparrow

Sparrow is the older of our two thoroughbred geldings. His lip tattoo, while a little bit difficult to read, seems to tell us he was originally called ‘Proud Texan,’ and was born in 2001, making him 22 this year.

He has a significant swayback, and though he has most certainly been a riding horse in the past (not counting his time on the track), we will adopt him out as a companion. The way we see it, Sparrow has done more than enough, and deserves to live the good retired life now in his 20s and beyond.

Sparrow is up to date on vet and farrier care. He has had a dental float, his sheath cleaned, and is up to date on his vaccines. He was also dewormed upon arrival, as he arrived with a positive worm load. He is gentle about being groomed and lifting his feet – he has been trimmed twice since arriving at SAFE, with a 6 week trim schedule set going forward. He gets daily thrush treatments to help combat the thrush all the Graham horses arrived with.

Sparrow and Jax get turn out in the big arena with their neighbor and buddy, Hopper. He is a sweet and friendly guy.