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sex: gelding
age: 26
color: bay
markings: star
height: 14.2hh
location: Redmond, WA

Hopper is a friendly horse who loves attention – and not just because he wants you to scratch his neck. Okay, maybe he’s using you for some scratches, but with a face like his, is that really such a problem? He is definitely the type to follow you around looking for pets, and is always happy to be doted on.

Getting to know Hopper

Sweet man Hopper was a fast favorite amongst our volunteers given his gentle personality and love of scratches. Hopper tested positive for Cushing’s, which was little surprise to us given his especially furry coat, so each morning he gets his daily medication in a carrot slice pill pocket, which he enjoys with gusto.

Hopper is up to date on vet and farrier care. He has had a dental float, his sheath cleaned, and is up to date on his vaccines. On the left side of his mouth, he has a tooth that is either deformed because of an injury or is a baby tooth that he never lost. Despite the slight deformity of his front teeth, his grinding surfaces are good, and our vet estimates he is younger than we thought – only 20. was also dewormed upon arrival, as he arrived with a positive worm load. He is gentle about being groomed and having his feet handled – he has been trimmed twice since arriving at SAFE, with a 6 week trim schedule set going forward. He gets daily thrush treatments to help combat the thrush all the Graham horses arrived with.

He is neighbors with thoroughbreds Jax and Sparrow, and the three get turnout together in the arena where they can romp and play in a bigger space.