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sex: gelding
age: 23
color: bay
markings: LF, LH, RF
height: 14.3hh
location: Redmond, WA

This kind looking fellow has a face to match his personality. His bridle path denotes a history as a riding horse, and we have found no evidence to the contrary as we pulled Bramble into the folds of our training program, quickly progressing him through the checks and getting him saddled up with ease. Bramble is gentle on the ground, and has been brought up to date on all vet and farrier care since arriving at SAFE. He is currently turned out with little mare Addie, where he is the boss.


Getting to know Bramble

Handsome Bramble, as he is now known, with his bridle path mohawk, has continued to prove that he is a sweet and gentle guy. He’s turned out with young mare Addie, where the two exist companionably, but his real attachment seems to be to his next door neighbors, the drafty mares Betty and Eleven. The four get turnout together in the covered arena, where they can romp and roll at their leisure in the soft footing.

Bramble is up to date on vet and farrier care. He has had his teeth floated, his sheath cleaned, and is up to date on his vaccines. He was also dewormed upon arrival, as he arrived with a positive worm load. He is a gentleman for grooming and for his feet being handled – he has been trimmed once since arriving at SAFE, with a 6 week trim schedule set going forward. He gets daily thrush treatments to help combat the thrush all the Graham horses arrived with. Our vet estimates that he is in his early 20s.

He is currently on a diet to shed some of the extra pounds he came in with. Work will help him lose as well.

Bramble has definitely been saddled before, and while we ran through our pre-saddling checks before we cinched him up here for the first time, he had no issue with wearing a saddle again. He is a bit nervous still about being touched with a flag, and finds our mini horses a bit troubling, but he is a smart guy who we expect to work through his trouble quickly and make someone a nice riding horse. For now we’re working on getting him to track to the right (he can half-pass very well, but has trouble moving around freely to the right), and getting him good about changing eyes and the rest of the basics.