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sex: filly
age: 2 years old
color: light bay
markings: small star and snip
location: Redmond, WA

Jill is a lovely 2-year-old mare that came to SAFE through our Mayday rescue of 40 Yakima horses. Since her rescue in December of 2019, she has been gentled, halter started, wormed, seen the farrier and had both her vaccines and boosters. We have recently introduced Jill to the other young mares at SAFE and she socialized well into this new group. She is available to a good home looking for a project horse to take from the ground up.

Jill’s Summer Look

Check out that long tail and soft eye. ❤️ Jill is ready for her forever home!

Working with Jill

After working with Jill at SAFE, Dylan says she’s super smart and if she were taller he would adopt her himself! They are still working on picking up her back feet, but they are making good progress. It’s really remarkable how much this little filly has changed in the last two weeks: she went from constantly trying to avoid Dylan, even trying to jump the fence, to looking to him for support and finding peace with him.


Photo Gallery: Halter Starting

Joel Conner spent a day at SAFE recently to help Terry and her volunteer horsemen work with five of the wild Fall City 40 horses. These horses are not accustomed to being handled by humans, but we’re working hard to change their minds about us. It’s a challenge, but our wildlings are making good progress!

Jill Update

Shy but curious. By Friday 7/19 allowed petting on face, scratching on neck and withers and rump. Touched with both hands around neck, with halter laid against her neck.