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sex: filly
age: 2.5
color: bay
markings: blaze, RH pastern
location: Redmond, WA

Tilt is one of 24 wild Yakima horses seized in December 2019 by King County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with Regional Animal Services of King County and SAFE. Since then, Tilt and four of her herdmates (lovingly called “the wildings” by SAFE staff) have been putting on weight and spending quality time with SAFE Horsemanship volunteers. She’s no stranger to the round pen, is learning to love grooming, and is catching on to this whole halter thing. Tilt would make a fantastic project pony to finish your way.

Working with Tilt

Here at SAFE, Dylan has mostly been working on leading and helping Tilt be less touchy about the end of the lead rope and the flag. He says she's doing really well and she really seems to look to him for support. Today, for the first time ever, they left the paddock...

Photo Gallery: Halter Starting

Joel Conner spent a day at SAFE recently to help Terry and her volunteer horsemen work with five of the wild Fall City 40 horses. These horses are not accustomed to being handled by humans, but we're working hard to change their minds about us. It's a challenge, but...